Snail Fancy

Snail Fancy

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Deep in the heart of the city, crowned with a odd shell-shaped dome, sits the lodge of the esteemed and eccentric Snail Fancier Society; a curious and colorful lot who are united by their shared love of exotic snails. However, tensions and interpersonal conflicts brew in the society lodge and enterprising scoundrels see the lodge as an easy mark for a profitable burgle. Be warned though, for the society has more than its share of secrets, and the very snails that seem ripe for robbery may be your doom… 


Snail Fancy is a heist for low-level or zero-level characters. It is written to be system-neutral and can be used in most rules or settings of the players’ choosing.

Art & Writing by Alex Coggon & Charles Ferguson-Avery

A5 Staple-Bound Zine, 16 Pages, Risograph cover.

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