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“  ‘What if knights didn't slay dragons and instead helped them with their emotional issues?’

That was the thought that spawned Songbirds, and it aims to carry forward the idea of combating those intangible things that we struggle with on a daily basis. I know I've wanted to punch my anxiety in the face on numerous occasions. Well, now we can. Together.

This game has:

  • 32 unique classes that you won't find in other games
  • Choose a genre to show your characters aesthetic
  • Hearts that you can trade to form bonds and relationships 
  • Stress mechanics that take over for health/damage
  • And a basic contest system that uses ALL dice in a standard dice set

Not to mention that the book is 100 pages (50-odd spreads), and the ENTIRE back half of the book is dedicated to giving you tools to run the game! It includes

  • Principles and Tips
  • Methods for creating villages
  • NPC generation with the unique "Three Things" system
  • Creating adventures using songs
  • and a simple Opponent generation system that allows you to focus on language over crunch

This is a game for fans of classic anime, cartoons, action, adventure, and all flavors of heroics. You will make an entire unique character every single time you start a campaign, and explore personal areas that are meant to challenge your character specifically.

Some kind words--

"This is breathtaking work! I just read the whole thing cover to cover. This game is basically Ghibli / Dianna Wynne Jones meets Nobilis; I can definitely see people in my circle showing up to give this a try at least for a one-shot."