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Space Aces

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Welcome to the Space Ace Brigade.

The galactic gig economy is alive and thriving. The Galaxy is chock full of things that need doing, anomalies that need exploring, and pickles that need unpickling.

You, dear recruits, are just the ones to do them! You won't live to regret your choice… Mostly competent and highly motivated is good enough in our books. Remember, the contract is sacred, your debts are real, and the alternatives ain't that great. So buck up and strap in! Adventure Awaits!


Space Aces is an homage to an undying love of happy, hopeful, & campy Sci Fi. A modular, lightweight, optimistic sci-fi tabletop adventure game toolbox for GM-led groups, co-op & solo play. Packed with over 75 tables, oracles & procedural generators for creating near-endless light-hearted rollicking romps through space a la Star Trek meets Futurama meets Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

Space Aces: TNG (The New Guidebook) features simple, sleek, flexible rules with easy & collaborative madlibs spark table style mission generation complete with a twist.

Space Aces utilizes a super simple D20 & D6 rolling system that gives you lots of interesting & evocative results to rolls. A Success can still result in a Complication, and a Failure can still result in a Benefit. Ramp up difficulty, tension, and consequences as the mission goes on with the Heat Level meter. The system features OSR style space adventures with FKR simplicity and PBTA low-prep emergent gameplay that easily supports group, co-op, & solo play!

What Can You Do In Space Aces?

  • Generate over 100 million missions
  • Delve dangerous space wrecks and ruins
  • Hex crawl thousands of unique and populated planets
  • Generate endless sectors of space and travel them with over 10,000 space travel encounters
  • Simple character creation or complex life path generation to create a Space Ace with baggage!
  • Quick on-the-fly NPC generation complete with personality and SECRETS…
  • Craft unique gizmos & gadgets, woo beasties to become your besties, battle massive monsters in mega mechs, travel the cosmos in one-of-a-kind starships, and more…
  • Engage in simple space combat that keeps the whole crew engaged. Face off against wandering omnipotent entities. Explore thousands of space anomalies.
  • Dare to play on Shark Jumping Mode, Hard Mode, and so much more… all in 24 full-color richly illustrated pages.

Do you and your crew have the Gumption it takes to complete the mission? Or will you be Taken Out like yesterday's space bagels? Whatever happens... Adventure Awaits!

Space Aces: TNG is an updated, expanded & streamlined version of the PWYW business card RPG game Space Aces: TOS (The Original Sheets). Check it out for a small sample of what to expect in The New Guidebook.