Space Goblins

Space Goblins

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Using Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons as a base, Space Goblins! has a simple and easy character creation and resolution mechanic for "anything goes, describe and roll" storytelling and gameplay! A uniquely designed-by-Viditya rotating referee and clearly defined phases of play make for an easy game to pick up and learn-through-play as well as a great way to get everyone involved! From goblins new to RPGs, new to being a referee, or veterans of all types, Space Goblins! is a great place to mess around and share a good time with others! It's also great for children!

Space Goblins! is encouraged and compatible with Legos or any other interlocking plastic building block collection as your Junk collection, collaboratively and physically building up and breaking down your Junk Ship as you play! Each session have fun creating a unique ship which you can hold in your hands and play with! Break it down after you're done or keep it as a reminder of your amazing and wonderful journey to Junktopia! Other amazing features include:

  • Create Goblins that embody the most Goblin of stats: Scrapper, Tinkerer, Rascal, and Rude! 

  • Collaboratively create your Junkship that embodies the most Goblin of design elements: Rough, Tough, Scoot, and Shoot! 

  • Roll an unnecessary amount of d8s together to figure out what ship you crash into when looking for Junk!

  • Set Game Length of 3-5-8 rounds allows you to play a short campaign of Space Goblins! sessions, troupe style play throughout several journeys to Juntktopia, or a very quick and fun one shot!