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You are an oracle, a greenseer and a fraud. You don't believe in rituals, but create them to give your community hope.  

"You know nothing you do will affect whether a season is bountiful or not, whether nature will be kind to your clan or not.

But you must convince your chieftain that your rituals are worthy, and offer your community hope. If not, you may be exiled or worse."

“Superstition” is a solo journaling rpg with light game mechanics played with a normal 52 card-deck. Matching card values across the seasons means you have managed to create convincing rituals, and your village and chieftain trust you. If not, then their belief in your abilities to affect fate wanes until, finally, they might exile you.

Superstition is a game about relationships. Between the oracle and the chieftain (authority), the oracle and the community (responsibility) and between the previous three and nature (fate).

Black & white, 26 interior pages.