The Dig
The Dig

The Dig

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You are the head of a palaeontological dig looking for The Crystal Spine. The last piece of a diamond covered fossil that was found near here.

The University, who have so graciously funded the dig, encourage you to log the various fossils you discover as well as keeping a journal of the day-to-day.

Good luck Doctor, you may very well need it.

The Dig is an experimental journaling game printed entirely on an A3 Scratch Poster and played over the course of 21 real world days. Each day, you will scratch off one of the boxes, revealing a fossil and a journaling prompt for that day.

Romance, rivalries, pulp action and mysterious goings on await you in The Dig.

And when you're done, it makes a rather nice poster.

As there is only one design beneath the foil, please do not share images of the poster once the foil has been scratched off.

(Photo is a little glary, sorry!)