The Magical Repair Shop
The Magical Repair Shop

The Magical Repair Shop

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"This is a very gentle, cozy story game for about 3 to 6 people. There are no monsters. There are no fights. There's just a warm workshop full of arcane implements and a magic item that needs a lot of love and attention. The world is filled with dungeons to explore, monsters to battle, ancient mysteries to uncover, and of course magical items. Some are wonders created by ancient mages using magic we don't understand anymore. Some are brilliant advances in modern arcane theory which push the very limits of reality. Most are cheaply mass-produced weapons with cheaply mass-produced enchantments plugged into them. 
But even the most common flaming sword, available from any street vendor, can be valuable to someone who cares for it. A magic item can be an heirloom, a memento, or just ineffably beloved by its owner. Magic items can bind to people in a way that has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with people, and the way we are capable of forming strong attachments to objects.
So when a magic item starts to break down--its enchantment unwinding or misfiring in unpredictable ways--it can be heartbreaking. You might be able to get a new one, but you can't replace it.
That's why the Magical Repair Shop exists." - from the Kickstarter page

Inspired by Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands!