The Portal at Hill House RPG zine miscut a tabletop roleplaying game of solitaire journaling about cosmic horror
The Portal at Hill House (miscut)

The Portal at Hill House (miscut)

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The zines on the left in both pictures are the miscuts. It is just a small white line on the cover and inside cover. That is it! The rest of the zine is crisp and as should be!

For this reason these are being offered at a discounted price. An absolute steal!


You have heard of the house for many years, but never sought it out, assuming the endeavor wouldn’t be worth your time. Or worse yet that you would find exactly what you always feared.

Yet, something drew you towards its estate—a power, a thread dangling from the unwinding hem of a shirt, longing to be pulled. Reason and history warned you not to make the journey, not to cave to those newly-formed, yet eons-old, desires to seek out the house. However, now you are here...

In The Portal at Hill House, you alone hold the grave task of closing the portal before it consumes the house and, eventually, the world. The game uses a deck of cards as prompts to generate different aspects of each room.

A solitaire journaling game of cosmic horror that only requires the zine, paper, a six-sided die, and a deck of standard playing cards to play. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED