The Stygian Library

The Stygian Library

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The Book

The Stygian Library is a procedurally-generated library dungeon set in the extra-dimensional space between every library in the universe. Each expedition generates its route as it explores, resulting in new locations and forbidden knowledge being discovered with every visit. Included within:

  • Systems for generating locations within the library, including  Entrance Foyers, Map Galleries, Tea Rooms,  Planetariums, Calculation  Engines, Phantom Databanks, Paper Beehives, Phantom Pumps, Jarred Brains  and the Sheol Computer.
  • 40 monsters tailored to the Library, including Lantern Bearers,  Skeleton Crew, Origami Golems, Guardian Shades, Lost Souls, Ink  Elementals, Animate Spells, Archivist-Liches, Infernal Merchants,  Escaped Fictions, Educated Rodents, Conceptual Wells and the orders of  Librarians themselves.
  • A system for searching for specific knowledge within the library's  depths, as well as 30 unusual books and the secret knowledge they  contain.
  • Tables for generating treasure, dreams, rumors, and various other useful details.
  • A unique class of Mummified Sages, post-human academics who've dwelled in the Library for decades or more.

It's a big spooky library full of dangerous knowledge, spiritual automata and ghost-fueled computers.

The adventure includes stats and sparse amounts of mechanics intended to be broadly compatible with most old-school RPG systems, and easily adapted to any other fantasy RPG.