They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG
They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG
They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG
They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG

They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG

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They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG is a stand-alone RPG system that allows the players to create and take control of Fear-Eaters, horrific inter-dimensional beings that sustain themselves by devouring the fear/essence of their victims. Players name their Fear-Eater, create their appearance, behavior, background, and mythology. The players must then stalk their way through the world outlined by the game master, called the Provider. The Fear-Eater's goal is to sow discord, fear, and horror, all while avoiding the feeble attempts to end their rampaging unquenchable feast.

They Feed On Fear is a semi-cooperative narrative-driven roleplaying game where all but one of the players take on the role of Fear-Eaters. The Fear-Eater's goal is to be the first to accumulate enough essence to hibernate, mutate or ascend, depending on the Fear-Eater's constructed mythology.

The final player assumes the role of the game master, known as the PROVIDER, and is in charge of describing the town's inhabitants and the surrounding environment.

THEY FEED ON FEAR features the artwork of: Aeron Alfrey, Enoch Duncan, Trevor Henderson, David Romero, Shane Hunt, Dood (Carlos Sánchez Polo), Nick Tofani, Watchful Eye, Alexei Vella, John (JRGDrawing), Daniel Vega, Katya Reynoso, Jenyce Garay, and Leovincible (Adam D. Woodsmith).

In addition to the game book, includes:
1 Provider Screen
1 Sticker
1 Collectible Card
1 Map/Character-Sheet
A PDF version of They Feed On Fear: A Horror RPG