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"I stand at the terminus, pack on my back, trekking poles in hand, excitement in my veins. I savor the moment. A cold mountain breeze carries the scent of rain and adventure, and I smile. I’ve waited endless months for this day and, taking a deep breath, a grin on my face, I begin my thru-hike. One foot in front of the other, I set out and follow the blazes." 

THRU-HIKER is a journaling game about telling stories of being on a long-distance hike. Using your writing instrument of choice, a pack of playing cards, and a series of writing prompts, you will create stories of the joys and challenges of being on the trail for days, weeks, or months at a time. 

Designed for those dreaming of their own thru-hike, and writer-adventurers in search of new narrative challenges, THRU-HIKER is an easy game to learn for experienced gamers and newcomers alike, one that's sure to deliver hours of imaginative fun.

Inside, you will find all the rules for playing the game as well as the Oracles needed to generate writing prompts, along with play tips, extra rules, a list of inspirational media, and sample journal entries from a thru-hiker on her journey.

24-page, saddle-stitched, A5 zine plus stickers