Under the Seal of Solomon

Under the Seal of Solomon

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An Into the Bronze adventure for the #RpgLatamJam

King Solomon has chosen you to capture the demons that run rampant around his kingdom.

You are augurs, you are astronomers, you are sorcerers, you are priests, you are warriors. You are Exorcists.

Entrusted with his seal, you bear his authority over the people of the Kingdom in the pursuit of your sacred oath to deliver these demons to the Temple.

This book is full of demons, artifacts and magic. Enough material to run a full Into the Bronze campaign against the evil spirits that run amok the Kingdom at the dawn of the Iron Age.
Inside you will find:

The Key, the Seal and the Jar King Solomon has trusted upon you to capture the demons that roam his lands.
Special rules to capture these evil spirits and fulfill your oath.
A Hierarchy of 72 demon kings, dukes, princes, counts, marquises, knights, and presidents for you to hunt down.
A light campaign structure you can easily introduce into your sandbox game.

This short campaign was developed as an entry to the #RpgLatamJam, and is based on Guilherme Gontijo's OSR TTRPG Into the Bronze (which you can get here, and an awesome hex-pack you can get over here).