Veleda Woods Tarot Deck
Veleda Woods Tarot Deck
Veleda Woods Tarot Deck

Veleda Woods Tarot Deck

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"The Veleda Woods Tarot is a full colour 78 card tarot deck with a fully comprehensive accompanying guidebook. Designed in keeping with traditional tarot structure told through the nature of plants. Like a walk in the woods. Hopefully also encouraging people to notice the small daily changes in the plants and nature around them in a more mindful way.The heart of the Veleda Woods Tarot grows within a witches garden, cloaked by the surrounding woodland. A haven from the outside world, a place of wonder, mystery magic, beauty and transformations. The stars always shine through the trees, guiding and lighting your path through all the plants that will help you interpret messages of the woods along the way. Travel through the Veleda Woods, stay a while, allow yourself to get lost and then find a new path. Observe and absorb the nature and the stories it wants to tell you, learning lessons and more about your inner self along the way. Follow your intuition and let the woods be your guide.

Deck Details:

  • Full 78-card tarot deck
  • 2.75" x 4.75" cards (classic tarot size)
  • 330 gr/sqm black core silk smooth premium card stock of casino quality. Easy to shuffle. 
  • Full color front and back images.
  • The back of the cards are fully symmetrical, allowing the cards to be read with reversals if desired.
  • 2 piece rigid box with custom design.
  • Separate full paperback guidebook."
- description and images from Veleda Oracle