What Waits Beneath

What Waits Beneath

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In What Waits Beneath, you’ll be playing a game similar to the classic card game, Memory. You’ll create a 5x3 spread of face-down cards, roll and assign a handful of dice, and then flip cards to try to find treasures lost at sea. As you play, prompts will guide you to write about your unique journeys to the depths.

A journaling game of underwater discovery by Nevyn Holmes, revitalized one year later by Julie-Anne “JAM” Muñoz. This booklet is proudly handmade; printed, handbound, and trimmed at our home studio.

Required for play:

  • A journal or diary equivalent

  • 10 six-sided dice

  • A standard 52-card deck to play.

Each physical booklet will include a code by email for a digital PDF version.

(This is a premium physical edition! Super nice paper and a stitched binding! Not to mention this game is so awesome! - floating chair club)