What's So Cool About Magical Girls?

What's So Cool About Magical Girls?

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“Arise! my Daughters
Too long has Earth been without My champions
Arise! like the Sun and spread my Light
Arise! and push back the long festering Evils
Arise! as Magical Girls

—The Blessing Of The Life-Giving Sun

"I don't pretend this book answers the question What's So Cool About Magical Girls? but I hope it helps you find your own answers." - Axes&Orcs

Built on the chassis of What's So Cool About Outer Space?. Just roll two dice—you know which ones—add some diegetic modifiers, and try to get 8 or higher to succeed, but even if you fail, nothing never happens.

WSCAOS? is inspired by Tunnel Goons, Sword & Backpack, and that really old classic sci-fi rpg about Beowulf, and so is WSCAMG?.

Within you will find the rules needed to play, tables to help if you're stuck, some optional rules, a bibliography and ludography. Includes PDF.