Savage Sisters

Savage Sisters

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Swords, sorcery, and sisterhood!

Does your heart beat faster at the mention of Xena: Warrior Princess, Red Sonja, or the venerable Jirel of Jorey? Do you long for tales of mighty women facing insurmountable odds? Become a part of that story with us in Savage Sisters. Become part of a family of powerful women, who look out for one another and try to defend the world!

Savage Sisters is a shared GM polymorph game. Together the group creates their Sodal, a group of powerful warrior women who are bound together in sisterhood. This is their story. Each Savage Sister is a legendary character of the Sodal’s past that we are sharing tales of, told across a roaring fire on some far future night.

44 pages, 5.5"x 8.5" saddle stitched zine, black and white cover and interiors. Includes PDF.